Our services



We work especially on polyurethane and polyethylene expanses, cork, technical textile and many types of laminations.

We use thermic changes which allow the material to get and maintain a special shape, through steel and aluminums molds.

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Nowadays it is essential to develop  projects using vector technologies.

We offer  our customer this service that guarantees high precision on the article we will produce.

Material Sale

Many types of textile, technical lamination, EVA, PE, PU. Thanks to the development of many projects, we selected and refined a wide range of materials that allow us to satisfy any requests.

Some of Our materials

Precision Cutting

We provide and  develop with special accuracy every cutting process with steel rule dies and ram punching dies and other cutting process.

Due to them we can even supplies an cutting project.

Research & Development

Starting from a project idea, we develop it in cooperation  with the customer and we research solutions, materials and tools to fulfill every request.


Thanks to some projects done, we set up a particular lamination process on a special machine that uses water-based adhesives which contains no solvents. We are able to supply laminations, dimensionally contained. 

At the same time we can provide many kind of lamination using traditional glue and processes, even mass productions.